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Composition with Farmer, Three Dogs and 120 Sheep for Four-Channel Video inatallation

Video Documentation:

Composition for farmer, three dogs and 120 sheep - Auckland Art Gallery Installation Documentation from Alex Monteith on Vimeo.

3min documentation of the install of "Composition for farmer, three dogs and 120 sheep for four channel video installation" Alex Monteith, 18min, 2006, stereo sound.

This clip is a 3min compile of shots of the work running at the Auckland City Art Gallery Toi o Tamati, Aotearoa NZ.

Composition with Farmer, Three Dogs and 120 Sheep for Four-Channel Video inatallation


Year: 2006


Medium: Four-channel video installation, stereo sound, 16meters x 2.8meters, 18mins


Collaboration with Lloyd Bishop, a third generation championship dog-trialist on his hill-country station in Taranaki, New Zealand.


Actions of the work

Lloyd Bishop musters the sheep using three working dogs across from left to right. The sheep are mustered into the centre frame of each of the four simultaneously recording DV cameras.


LLoyd musters the mob into the centre frame of camera 1 (Extreme left panel) and uses the dogs to hold the mob there for 2-3mins. He moves the mob to the right to the (central left panel) and holds the mob centre-frame for 2-3mins. He repeats the mod movement to the centre frames of cameras three (Mid right) and four (extreme right panel). Finally the mob is moved out of frame to the extreme right.


The recordings are stitched together to form 4 panels comprising a seemless view of the hillside. The mustering performance is continuous with no cuts-meaning the muster had to be performed perfectly with no retakes from start to finish.


Further Acknowledgements
Production stills, Taranaki: Fiona Clark
Audio: Derek Holtzer
Video: Jenny Kolster & Janine Randerson
Location: Stella Brennan
Auckland City Gallery installation documentation: Stefan


SCANZ 2009, curated by Sarah Cook and Mercedes Vicente, 7 Feb - 29 March 2009, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, Taranaki


Cloudlands, ISEA 2008, Substation gallery, Singapore, August 2008


Summer Daze, Auckland City Gallery Toi O Tamaki, Auckland, Aotearoa | New Zealand, Dec 2006-Feb 2007


The work was produced during the 2006 SCANZ residency for digital media artists.